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The floor of the house was equally as important as the roof since the ancient times. During the past one century, flooring has evolved into more than just safety. Before the turn of the century, flooring choices included clay tile, linoleum and cork, which were among the top choices for stable flooring, and now it has changed in both the materials and the installation processes in the industry.

The perk of wooden flooring is that would last for more than a hundred years with regular maintenance. Additionally, it has a huge design scheme in both home or office d├ęcor which adds warm ambience and architectural style and strength that is not available with other types of flooring. While cleaning and keep the surrounding hygiene is easier with wooden floors, with just a mop or vacuum.

Living spaces are an expression of our attitude to life and personality, placing the focus on our individualism. Wooden flooring makes our home look with the primary outlook it needs, stability and safety. Available in a various array of species, from laminate flooring to hardwood flooring and designs in different patterns, styles and colours, we have an endless world of possibility to create our space and convey the element and message we got to say.

Elcardo wooden and timber flooring comes in a selection of choices, from solid wood flooring, bamboo flooring, waterproof flooring and engineered hardwood, in various colours and designs. We offer a variety of options for developing floors and walls and help create your haven a beauty. Our products and services combine design quality with functionality. High in quality, and durable with no short-term fixes, we ensure your home stays a safe and warm place, which would remain for a lifetime with care. Elcardo also provides solutions to your floor and installation needs.

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