Hotel Supplies Sri Lanka

Hotel Supplies Sri Lanka


Intimately connected with human civilisation, hotels emerged way back in the past. Since early biblical times, guest hospitality was offered to the travelling passengers. Sri Lanka had a history of roadway shelter for the travellers called an ambalama; a place constructed for pilgrims, traders and travellers to rest in Sri Lanka.

Since then hoteliers and tourism industry have brought the business far and is expanding rapidly every day. In this competitive business world, ensuring our business stands ahead all the other competitors is a very tough task. It's extra complementary materials along with the services that take us further in the hotel industry. Stainless steel has been used in hotels, as an efficient and affordable material. It is an excellent material which compliments solid or engineered timber or glass and with the right design combination creates a sustainable solution with exquisite finishes.

At Elcardo, we ensure that our clients have the highest-quality and long-lasting solutions to their kitchen equipment. Specialised in manufacturing and supplying a huge selection of stainless steel and kitchen equipment we would ensure that our products are the best choice for a unique look, functionality and durability. Furthermore, our team designs, supports and installs the industrial and commercial equipment, while we strive to cater for the high living standard of today's expectations.

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