Granite Countertops Sri Lanka

Granite Countertops Sri Lanka


Long ago, you were lucky to have a small prep area next to the sink. But today, in the ruling world of design and art, the choices are endless and can be overwhelming when trying to choose one. From thousands of textures, colours, and patterns, you can choose in many materials ranging from natural stones to stained concrete and ceramic tiles.

Granite, dense and hard is an igneous rock, a result of solidification of lava and magma. Each of the tiles is unique, due to the distinct surface they form into, varied by the richness of the colour, veining pattern, complexity of the visual depth. Once found in only, high-end kitchens and bars, we see granite countertops in every commonplace. The worldwide popularity and ubiquitous of granite countertops have secured the price, and it remains expensive, increasing the value by the day. It is an excellent investment you could make to your residential or commercial building.

Elcardo Granite Countertop would give you a touch of elegance to your home. Ranging from vibrant blues and earthy browns to midnight black, dark red and powdery white, granite comes in a wide palette of colours, with a wide array of gorgeous visual textures, it is cut into long, thick slabs as required. After a process of polishing, the stone is treated with a waterproof sealer that makes the countertop stain and chemical resistant, and with a stone cleaner, this would help to make the countertop last for many years, with high-level protection against bacteria, germs and mildew.

Whether it is the kitchen countertop or the bar countertop, wherever you want, home or commercial buildings - airports, hotel, or banks, you can enhance the look of your space, with our NeuStone selection, in Sri Lanka.

NeuStone is famous for its stable quality and high level of versatility while being 100% non-toxic and radiation-free. NeuStone is also cost effective and is cheaper than natural stones such as granite, so if you want to save some cash, you should consider the NeuStone selection as an option for your house or establishment. NeuStone products have been rigorously tested to satisfy or exceed the most stringent national and international environmental, ethical, quality, safety and health standards.

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