Composite Decking

Composite Decking


Once upon a time, wooden decking was used to build the outdoor decks, with the common belief that nothing can match the natural texture of wood. The colour, warmth and grain patterns found in wood, is said to enhance a deck, and seem to flow better with the outdoor surroundings. But the high maintenance and durability of the wooden deck made innovators in the industry to create a better alternative, which brought out the composite decking.

Low maintenance and eco-friendly, composite decking have created the perfect outdoor living and entertainment room. A mixture of wood powder, plastic and some binding agent, these materials are pressed together to form a board that is denser, stronger, and heavier than wood, a wood-plastic composite. Because of the fact that the amount of wood used in this composite is considerably less than traditional wooden decking, this makes composite decking an excellent eco-friendly option as it helps reduce damage done to nature and preserve forests. Available in various grain patterns that range from heavily stamped to smooth, as well as in several colour and tones, some types look natural while others ensure an imitation wood appearance with purpose. Without sanding, staining, or painting; you can remove dirt and dust with just simple soap-and-water cleanup, while grease, oil or other stains need to be wiped away soon.

Elcardo Composite Decking; Sri Lanka's best high-performance composite decking brand; the selections are endless, with many designs, colours and components to choose from. Construct an outdoor living area with a simple design to relax and spend time with your family, or a more elaborate one to entertain guest with a relaxing view. Our services will be the perfect solution for your deck in the tropical climate of our country which is a part of our mission to make things better, easier and more convenient.

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